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Erakir's Journal


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Okay okay, I hate having no profile of any sort up here. That's just no fun at all. There's so much data I could put here. I think I'm just gonna start typing and see what I come up with.

First off, congratulations if you're actively looking for me and found a way to my journal without me telling you directly.

I'm Brian. Or Erakir. Or Lunar. Or, well, I guess Prism now? I'm just sort of toying with that last one, but I think I like how it sounds, so maybe I'll stick with it. A call sign, so to speak. Still, Erakir or Brian are the common ones. You may also know me as Nil, in which case I'm curious why I gave anyone from WoW information about my LJ account!

Let's just go with a list of things I am at the moment.
- I'm 24 (Jul 19th 2010)
- I'm an Electrical Engineer
- Yes, I'm a furry
- On that note, I'm a moogle, but damn if I'm not close to bunnyhood~
- I still consider myself a gamer.
- Musician! I play the French Horn.

That didn't take as long as I wished it had. I just went and checked out my old LiveJournal profile to get some more information on what I should say, heh.

You can probably see from my interests, but my specialty in games is RPGs - particularly the console variety. I do play MMOs. I started with EverQuest, where I played a Wizard, then went to WoW with the same raiding guild that's been around since 1999, and sometime in the middle of all that I managed to play FFXI for awhile. In XI, I played a Tarutaru White Mage, and in WoW, I currently play a Restoration Druid as my main. I also have a Restoration Shaman as an alt. I'm severely hoping FFXIV turns out to be a good game, cause I'm tired of WoW and am only there for the guild (many of us feel similarly right now. There's a biiiig post I could make about WoW, heh).

So yeah, if for some reason anyone's wondering what I'm liable to play in any multiplayer game where it's an option, let me go ahead and check the healer box, or at least a box with a lot of utility in it. On a similar note, as far as elements are concerned, put em in this order: Water, Wind, Earth, Fire. Things get more complex if we start adding light, dark, ice, lightning, blah blah etc etc.

Ah yes, I'm a sucker for anything and everything soft and cute. I mean just about -everything-

Diablo 3 is going to consume my soul, and hopefully all of yours.

I suppose that'll do for now. Though my degree is in a technical field, please don't assume I'm some sort of mechanized robot incapable of other types of thought. I personally love in-depth discussions with people, be them on game mechanics, politics, philosophy, or a multitude of other things.